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Hand Forged Red Iron Rose With Black Stem

Hand Forged Red Iron Rose With Black Stem

Hand Forged Red Iron Rose With Black Stem

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Looking for a special anniversary gift?  This rose will make an impressive and perfect gift!

 🌹 Roses stand above all other flowers, this is a well-known fact - and this is a stunning forever rose masterpiece - matt black with redbud.
When you buy a dozen roses they will wither and die - BUT - when you buy a unique piece of art rose - this one will last forever?

Iron rose is hand-forged - quality product.

Every detail of rose including rose petals and rosebuds are hand forged by a blacksmith who is the master of his craft in Europe.

This rose is large in size with details to make it look just like real - strong, durable - 45 cm (17.7") long.

Since roses are 100% handmade - they are not identical - no two roses are the same.

Roses are unique - one of kind just as found in nature - very special.

The perfect gift for your special second half.

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