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Wooden Potting Bench Outdoor with Metal Workspace | Rustic Garden Plotting Table

Wooden Potting Bench Outdoor with Metal Workspace | Rustic Garden Plotting Table

Wooden Potting Bench Outdoor with Metal Workspace | Rustic Garden Plotting Table

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  • Durable Metal Surface
  • Efficient Storage Solutions
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Simple Assembly
  • Size: 36.22 x 30.7 x 14.96 In | 92 x 78 x 38 cm (H x W x D)
  • Load Capacity: 22.05 lbs | 10 kg
  • Enhance your gardening experience with an efficient wooden plant table designed for enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, this versatile workstation is ready to assist in cultivating your outdoor haven. 
  • Constructed with a wooden frame, the garden potting table features a sturdy metal surface. The durable metal tabletop allows for easy cleaning, water resistance and straightforward maintenance providing the freedom to work with soil, water and plants worry-free.

Enhanced Gardening Enjoyment: The plant table provides a comfortable waist-height workstation, alleviating strain from extended bending. Enjoy versatile storage and display choices.

Durable Metal Surface: The metal surface ensures increased water resistance and durability enabling easy cleaning without concerns about water stains or dirt affecting the wooden parts of the greenhouse table.

Versatile Storage Solutions: The garden potting table includes two drawers for tidy accessory storage, three side hooks for tool hanging, and a spacious bottom shelf for larger work tools ensuring your gardening essentials stay organized and accessible.

Efficient workspace: With suitable dimensions and loading capacity, it provides ample space for all your gardening needs.
Easy Assembly: Illustrated instructions and an accessory kit are provided for seamless assembly, allowing you to quickly start using your new outdoor potting bench.

This wooden potting bench offers versatile storage, a substantial loading weight, and organizational solutions to streamline your gardening workflow. Two drawers conveniently store gardening tools, gloves, and accessories within easy reach. Three side hooks offer a handy spot to hang pruners and hand cultivators ensuring your essential tools are always at an arm's reach. The bottom shelf provides space for larger items like bags of potting soil, fertilizer, or watering cans keeping your greenhouse staging clutter-free and organized.

The natural wood finish of the greenhouse table enhances the aesthetic appeal of any garden or patio. Whether placed in your backyard, on your deck, or in your greenhouse, a potting bench becomes outdoor decor showcasing your passion for gardening in style. Illustrated instructions and an accessory kit are included to ensure a smooth assembly.
Elevate your gardening experience with our impeccable wooden outdoor potting bench.

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