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Cat Wall Furniture Shelves Space Saving Set Including Steps Corner Bed Feeder

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Cats have a natural instinct to perch up high, where they can survey their surroundings safely. By installing cat climbing shelves on your walls, you're providing your feline friend with a fun and engaging jumping platform that will keep them active and content.
Not only do these shelves save space in your home, but they can also be seamlessly integrated with your existing furniture. Thanks to their stable fixing, they can be easily mounted on any wall, and they provide a more secure option than many other cat furniture items on the market.

Each piece can be purchased separately or buy the whole set. Get creative and select those items that will fit your home the most to please your pet with new awesome wall-mounted furniture.

Our wall-mounted cat furniture is constructed from high-quality particleboard. With a high-density structure and strong load-bearing capacity, these shelves can accommodate even heavier cats, supporting up to 20 kg of weight.
In addition to offering your cat a fun and safe place to play, our climbing wall shelves also give them the opportunity to explore your home from new angles. They are designed to be quickly assembled using the included screws and installation instructions, making them a convenient addition to any home, even those with plasterboard walls.

Set includes (items can be purchased also separately):

  • Cat square pet steps x 3 pieces
  • Cat Wall bed x 1 piece
  • Cat corner shelf x 1 piece
  • Cat wall feeding station x 1 piece
  • Cat Litter Box Enclosure / Cat house x 1 piece
  • Cat Litter Tray

LEFT OR RIGHT SIDE ENTRY OPTION ENCLOSURE– Hidden cat litter box can be assembled with a Left or Right side entry. The assembly is effortless (assembly instructions are included) and practical, as you can adjust the entryway according to your needs. This piece of furniture is 100% safe for your furry friend, it is sturdy and made of durable materials with an entry diameter of 6.2'' (16cm)

CAT FEEDING STATION - Cat feeding shelf allows you to free up your floor space featuring safety, reliability, and durability. The double pet wall feeder comes with two glass bowls designed for cats to eat without being disturbed. The Bowl stand is made of premium quality particleboard and can simultaneously feed 2 cats

MODERN CORNER FURNITURE – Beautiful modern corner bed for your active and happy cat allows your pet to return to its natural climbing roots and let them feel like they’re climbing up trees in nature again. And a corner style allows using the space neglected before

CAT BED WITH CUSHION INCLUDED - The cat bed has a cushion attached to the cat wall shelf to prevent it from slipping or falling. The wall-mounted cat bed cushion is soft and cosy. This cushion can be removed for washing

CAT STEPS VERSATILE USE – Wall-mounted cat steps are a perfect complement to the wall and are suitable for enriching existing furniture in your interior. A cat climbing wall steps also help to extend the existing cat playground, allowing the cat to explore the home from different angles

Technical data:

  • The square pet steps set of 3, Size: base is 9.4'' (24 cm) wide & 7.8'' (20 cm) high, and the step itself is 8.6'' (22 cm) long & 7.8'' (20 cm) wide and its weight 2.4lbs (1.12kg) 
  • Cat Wall bed with cushion, Size: the bed is 19.6'' or 50 cm wide, and 13.7'' (35cm) deep, and the backplate is 7.8'' (20cm) high and 19.6'' (50 cm) wide. The shelf weight is 7.9lbs (3.6kg)
  • Cat corner shelf. Size: the bed is 13.7'' (35cm) wide, and 16.5'' (42cm) deep, and the backplate is 4.7'' (12cm) high. The shelf weight is 6.7lbs (3.06kg) 
  • Cat wall feeder station. Size: 39.3'' (100cm) wide and 13.5'' (34.5cm) deep, each bowl is 4.7'' (12cm) in diameter and the feeding station weight is 12.5lbs (5.7kg) 
  • Cat litter box enclosure. Size: H15.7 x D12.6 x L23.6 In (40x32.5x60 cm). Inside you can fit a litter tray with the size of 16.5''x12''x3.9'' (42x35.5x10cm).
  • Cat Litter Tray: H3.9'' x D12'' x L16.5'' (10x30.5x42cm).
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