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Electric Feed Mill Grinder -240kg/h- 4 Mesh Sizes| Grain Crusher Wheat Corn Oats

Electric Feed Mill Grinder -240kg/h- 4 Mesh Sizes| Grain Crusher Wheat Corn Oats

Electric Feed Mill Grinder -240kg/h- 4 Mesh Sizes| Grain Crusher Wheat Corn Oats

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High-Efficiency Grinding: This electric feed mill grinder boasts a large capacity funnel and a compact, low-noise design, streamlining your farming tasks and saving time.

Customizable Grinding: Comes with 4 interchangeable sieves (2, 3, 4, 5 mm) for tailored grinding. Achieve the desired fineness for various grain types and hardness quickly and efficiently.

Powerful Performance: Features a 2850 RPM rotation speed and an 1100W motor, ensuring efficient dry grain processing. The 20 hammers and 4 axles work in unison for optimal grinding.

Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of hard grains and corn cobs, thanks to its unique side pipe feeding mechanism. A valuable tool for both household and small-scale industrial farms.

Robust Specifications: Equipped with an electric single-phase capacitor motor (220V, 50Hz). Achieves a work efficiency of 240 kg/h. Includes a standard UK plug and measures 19.8'' in height.

Enhance your farming efficiency with our Electric Feed Mill Grinder, a robust and versatile machine designed for modern agricultural needs. It's equipped with a high-speed, 1100W motor, capable of handling various cereal grains including wheat, barley, rye, and corn.

This grinder is a game-changer in feed preparation, offering adjustable grinding times and customizable sieve sizes to adapt to different grain hardness. Achieve ultra-fine grinding in just minutes, significantly streamlining your feed preparation process.

Designed for both ease of use and efficiency, this grinder operates with minimal noise and is user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for household farming and small industrial settings. Enhance your capacity to produce high-quality feed for poultry and livestock with this powerful tool.

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