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Large Memorial Grave Lantern with Candle Cemetery Ornaments & Grave Decorations

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Candles have long been used as a way to honor the memory of departed loved ones. The flickering flame of a candle symbolizes the eternal nature of the soul, and the light of remembrance can bring comfort to those who are grieving. This grave candle lantern is a great way to show your love to a passed away mother or father. Memorial gifts for the grave will help you express your feelings and can be good grave ornament or graveside gifts. This meaningful gesture is an expression of love and care for deceased ones. You can choose a lantern with paraffin or LED candle included for your liking

CLASSIC DESIGN – These luxurious funeral decorations with gold motif are made of plastic but provide the realistic stone-like look and feel with real glass panes - without sharp edges. Resistant to fading caused by UV light and durable, these sorry-for-your-loss gifts will allow a long-term use
VERSATILE – This cemetery outdoor candle lantern will look stunning in all types of cemetery setups. Designed for outdoor application, these reusable grave lights come with candles included. They feature a sleek finish, adding a touch of elegance to any gravesite

CONVENIENT AND COST-EFFECTIVE - These memory candle lanterns, resembling stylish granite with an elegant motif, are designed for easy accessibility when placing memorial candles by removing the top cover. They provide an affordable yet elegant solution for honoring and remembering your loved ones with a touch of class, making them a cost-effective choice for grave accessories

FITS ANY CANDLE – Memorial grave candle lanterns are suitable for any common remembrance candle, as well as LED candle replacements. Maximum candle dimensions to use – height 7.8'' (20 cm), diameter 2.3'' (5.9 cm). This is a good way to place memory candles for lost ones

MEANINGFUL GESTURE – This exquisite grave lamp serves as a tasteful tribute to your beloved ones and symbolizes the enduring significance of their memory. Its elegant design offers a dignified and unforgettable representation of the importance the deceased held in your life

Style 1 size: H 14.1 x W 9 x D 5.7 Inches (36x23x14.5cm)
Style 2 size: H 14.1 x W 9 x D 5.7 Inches (36x23x14.5cm)
Style 3 Size: H 13.5 x W 9.6 x D 5.5 Inches (34.5x24.5x14cm)
Style 4 Size: H 14.3 x W 8.6 x D 6.6 Inches (36.5x22.5x17cm)

Please refer to the Images to get more clear Information regarding Sizes

Lanterns are a beautiful way to remember and honor a loved one who has passed. This luxurious graveside candle lantern is made of high-quality materials by a specialist with long experience, and it will look stunning in any type of cemetery setup. The lantern is suitable for all common grave candles, as well as LED candle replacements. This remembrance cemetery candle lantern is a beautiful and timeless way to honor your loved one.

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