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Mini Dual Bench Polisher Machine for Polishing Various Metals and Materials

Mini Dual Bench Polisher Machine for Polishing Various Metals and Materials

Mini Dual Bench Polisher Machine for Polishing Various Metals and Materials

Regular price £54.75
  • Effective Polishing
  • Customizable Speed
  • Steady & Vibration-Free
  • Dual-Ended Design
  • Equipped with a British standard plug

Technical details:

  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz 
  • Speed: 0-8000 r/min
  • Power: 180 W 
  • Size: 5.9 x 12.6 x 5.12 In | 15 x 32 x 13 cm (H x L x W)

Elevate your polishing experience with our versatile jewelry polisher. Revitalize old items and make them gleaming like new. Crafted for high efficiency and user-friendly operation, this multifunctional mini bench polishing machine is a dependable choice for both hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

Compact yet potent, this bench polisher effortlessly handles various materials with precision. Whether polishing coins or smoothing out scratches on plastic, it consistently delivers excellent results. Its conveniently compact size makes it a practical and space-saving addition to any home or workshop.

Efficient Polishing: The mini bench polishing machine breathes new life into old items, restoring them to a pristine shine. This versatile bench grinder polisher is adept at handling various materials including jewelry and metal parts like aluminum, chrome, acrylic, or plastic. Designed for practicality, it's a compact unit ideal for hobbyists.

Adjustable Speed: Tailor your polishing experience with this jewelry polishing machine offering variable speed settings. Adjust to accommodate different tasks and materials with ease.

Stable & Vibration-Free: Engineered with a robust cast iron base, this compact polishing machine reduces vibration ensuring a stable operation. Rubber feet provide steadiness on any workbench and the unit can be securely screwed to the worktop for added stability.

Double-Ended Design: Boost the efficiency of your work with the double-ended wheels on this metal polishing machine, allowing for simultaneous polishing operations at twice the speed. The mini bench grinder comes with two polishing wheels included in the package.

Customers value the practical attributes of this jewelry polisher including its adjustable speed settings and sturdy construction. By controlling the speed, users can customize the polishing process to match various materials and projects. Furthermore, the stable base reduces vibration guaranteeing a smooth and steady operation with rubber feet ensuring stability on the workbench.
Renowned for its affordability and effectiveness, this bench buffer provides excellent value for money, earning praise from satisfied customers.

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