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Kitchen Helper Step Stool for Kids - Durable Learning Tower for Toddler

Kitchen Helper Step Stool for Kids - Durable Learning Tower for Toddler

Kitchen Helper Step Stool for Kids - Durable Learning Tower for Toddler

This Montessori Kitchen helper is an amazing natural wood toy set to entertain the child and develop your children’s motor skills, coordination, creativity, and more at the same time. There are countless values and lessons that we want to teach our kids as they continue to grow and learn about the world around them. This learning tower is an amazing tool for any parent and is great fun for toddlers at the same time.

Can be used as a playpen
Allows you to do all the housework without leaving a toddler unattended
Provides hours of entertainment
Develops gross motor skills
Develops balance control
Teaches creativity by offering open-ended play
Encourages self-confidence
Builds concentration
Muscle development and coordination
New ideas for children's games and activities
Assists the child to meet developmental needs - climbing, exploring, testing limits and capabilities
Increase physical activity and general development
Carefully grounded, smoothed, and polished
Appropriate for the child's age and skills
Stylish design for the room

VERSATILE USE - The toddler step stool will open up tons of new opportunities to learn, play and grow! With a game on one of the boards to keep the kid entertained and develop motor skills the kitchen helper tower is a kind of playpen, that, regardless of age, will allow you to keep your most energetic child in one place.

ENCOURAGES COMMUNICATION - Toddler steps for the kitchen allows families to cook and work on other fun projects together, increasing bonding time! Step stool for toddlers allows kids to play indoors and stay entertained while improving their balance and strength. Kitchen helper is meticulously crafted from eco-friendly materials, sanded smooth - no finish is used to embrace its natural charm

SAFE & SECURE - The toddler stool helper was designed with your child’s safety in mind. A key feature of this helping stool is the safety board that will keep the child secured while in use. For ages 10 months and above. It's handmade with sizes: W 18.9'' (48cm) x H 34.2'' (87cm) x D 16.1'' (41cm).

BUILT TO LAST - With heavy-duty plywood and a strong, durable design, this toddler kitchen stool is built to last. This Montessori kitchen helper hides a lot of wonderful functions, which will allow you to use this toddler stool for the kitchen for many years.

MORE THAN JUST A STOOL - This learning tower toddler promotes natural gross motor development, freedom of movement and learning one’s boundaries. The toddlers just love the kitchen step stool for kids as it has so many options to play with! The toddler kitchen helper stool keeps the kids away from TV and smartphones and encourages communication

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